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About Vintage Microphone World

For over thirty years I have been working as a sound engineer, mainly in live music. During these years I got acquainted with all kinds of music, like Rock, Reggae, World Music, Jazz, Classical Music and Musicals. I have been fortunate to work with many wonderful and well-known domestic and foreign artists. Sometimes sound engineers accompanied the artists, and sometimes not, but everytime I still learned a lot.

Over thirty years ago I also started to collect microphones; I had become fascinated with them through my work. Being a design fan, I love the way they look, while as a technician I am interested in their workings and sound.

I think it is fantastic that a lot of old mics still function and are used on a daily basis by professionals, in a time where things progress quickly and today's technology might be outdated by tomorrow.

Development and history of microphones is often hardly documented and difficult to find, but I have been doing lots of research and was able to find a lot about their usefullness for modern day purposes, like recordings with a vintage feel.

Vintage Microphone World is the name of this site about everything that concerns vintage microphones.

This site is meant for those who are interested in the history and development of microphones, and for musicians who want to record with vintage microphones.

Here you can read about the sorts and types that were used for recordings in the past, and there is also information for sellers and buyers.

If you want to learn even more about microphones, take a look at my book Witnesses of Words, the only existing book about the subject in the whole wide world.

Marco C van der Hoeven