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The Reslo RBT/L is a small, British made, ribbon microphone, from the end of the Fifties, it had a bi-directional pick up pattern. The fairly simple design had a ribbon housing in a replaceable bakelite frame, to simplify the procedure of changing the ribbon, when blown (which happened often with the fragile ribbons). Acoustic pads could be inserted in the microphone, to enhance dampening of loud signals, or to make it more directional, by dampening only the back side. They were produced until the end of the Sixties, and were often used for P.A., or at home, together with a tape recorder.

The BBC suggested a modified version, the type VRM / T (Velocity Ribbon Mic) with a different transformer, reduced damping and a reversed magnet system. Although the specifications were below that of the studio microphones, there were a number of applications in Television studios, where their small size and neat appearance were an advantage. They were used for panel games and for speech pick up in programmes where microphones had to appear 'in shot'.

These days British company XAudia Elektrik ( converts RBT/L Reslos into the 'BEEB' version, with a great sounding mic as result.

The RBT/L is often referred to as 'the Beatles mic' because these mics were used at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, for vocals, by the Beatles (as well as by a lot of other British performers and clubs of the Sixties). Many of these microphones are still around, and sought-after, because of the Beatles connection, and their Sixties sound.


Reslo RBT/L