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The D 104 omni directional crystal microphone was develo-ped in 1933, based on a design by Charles E. Semple, who had been experimenting with Rochelle salt crystals, while working for the Brush Development Company, one of the earliest microphone companies.

Two friends of Semple founded the Astatic Microphone Laboratory, in Youngstown, Ohio. Semple joined as general manager, to produce the D 104 and market it.
Crystal microphones were inexpensive and reliable. They would remain popular for decades.

The Astatic D 104 was exceptionally popular as an all purpose microphone. When other types, with better sound quality, were introduced, the D 104 continued to be used by amateur (ham)
radio enthusiasts. The "grip to talk" stand dates from 1939. When CB (Citizen Band) radio was introduced in 1946 , the mic was often a D 104.
In the Seventies, when CB was most popular, it still sold.

The Astatic Company kept making this model until 2001 ; production spanned an amazing 68 years ; an absolute all time record.
Many of these microphones are still in use today.

A large number of them is available on the second hand market.


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