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The Electro-Voice 650 has a very special appearance, which immediately brings back memories of the science fiction comics of the 1940s and 1950s.

The shape differs from almost all other designs of the company and is more reminiscent of the styling of competitor Turner, which specialised in models that looked like they were meant for use on Mars and more distant planets.

Released in 1949, the microphone was one of EV's top models. A quality product, specially designed in consultation with radio technicians, to meet the high quality requirements set by AM and FM radio and television broadcasters.

The EV 650 had an excellent sound reproduction, with an extremely high output and a very good signal-to-noise ratio, it was also shock resistant and extremely reliable.

Each individual 650 was extensively tested before leaving the factory, and the model's reliability proved to be so great that many 650s functioned smoothly for more than ten years in many radio and TV studios.

Like many of the dynamic microphones of the time, it had an omni-directional recording characteristic, which increased the freedom of movement of the presenters. When using directional microphones, you had to keep exactly the same distance, otherwise the frequency response would change too much, resulting in a restless sound image.

The specially developed Electro-Voice 345 shock mount prevented external shocks or vibrations from reaching the microphone.

The connector was also modern for that era: a Canon XL-3 connectior ensured that cables could be replaced quickly if necessary. Electro-Voice would release many more models after this, but in terms of design there has never been anything presented as special as the 650 and the slightly simpler 645 .

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Electro-Voice 650
EV 650 back view

EV 650 side view

Top: the other worldly shape of the EV 650

Middle: back and side view

Below: ad, sound, specs and image by Peter van Amstel

EV 650 ad 1949

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EV 650:


EV 650 specs
EV 650 artistic view