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AKG C 5600



The AKG C 5600 is a directional condenser microphone from the early 90s; a real large diaphragm studio model, which was made 'road proof to be able to deal with the harsh conditions of live music on stage. Allowing for the first time to achieve the same vintage sound quality that the audience heard on studio recordings.

The condenser capsule is the same as those in the fragile but absolutely legendary AKG C12 tube, C 12A, C 414 and C 414 Comb ULS.

Because these all had two condenser capsules (to allow a choice between different directional characteristics) and the C 5600 contained just a single one, this mic was much cheaper but still possessed the same great tone. Two roll-off switches; -6 dB and -12 dB at 150 Hz, can restrict the bass, a built in adjustable stand adapter completed the design.

A 'poor man's version' of the earlier famous studio microphones that can be used for many purposes: electric guitar, vocals, voice over, piano, overheads, wind instruments, bass and drums: in short, a great all-rounder.

Unfortunately the AKG 'TRIPOWER' series never really broke through and production ended for this range of triangular designed models.
That is unfortunate because this sturdy condenser microphone is really worthwhile and stands its ground, both in the studio and on stage.
Luckily they dive up occasionally, on the second hand market; anyone who finds one is really fortunate.


This is one of the types that feature in my book Witnesses of Words, which was recently released. More information about that can be found at

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