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The Beyerdynamic HM 560 (Head Mount) Ribbon Microphone is the world's smallest ribbon microphone ever made, but it has the same high-quality specifications of Beyerdynamic's other vocal ribbon microphone models; The M 260 and the M 500 (unfortunately no longer in production).

The aluminum ribbon is probably the same size as that in the other models, only the housing has been miniaturized, the dimensions are a mere: 13mm diameter and 45mm length, the weight without the headband is 66g, with it 128g. In many cases, it is advisable to use a windshield over the element to prevent pops, even though this was not a standard attribute for this model.

It was launched in 1984 and was intended for musicians who had their hands full, like drummers and keyboard players. It could be worn both left and right and there was also a version that could be connected directly to Beyerdynamic's wireless pocket transmitters.

In addition, it could be combined with headphones from the company so that it became extremely suitable for (sports) reporters.

All in all, an outstanding product that still offers excellent services today, and remains very popular, but it is also of interest to quite another group of people: Cosplayers.

These people, who play costume characters from comic strips or movies, look for the HM 560 because it is part of the equipment of 'the United States Colonial Marines' (Smartgunner's Head Mounted Sight Headset), in the Aliens movie, the 1986 sequel to Ridley Scott's film Alien (from 1979).

Those who want to look like these mighty heroes that combat the super-scary Alien monsters must therefore also look for one of these microphones, which were already scarce.

Some cosplayers have given up the hope of ever finding one and have made their own replica. But the HM 560 remains the real deal.

'Harry', the AKG (D 99) artificial head, with binaural stereo microphones in the ears, has been used to show Beyerdynamic's main microphone.

Many more microphones feature in my book Witnesses of Words, which was recently released. More information about that can be found at

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Beyerdynamic HM 560

Beyerdynamic HM 560
Beyerdynamic HM 560 close up

Byerdynamic HM 560 sheet 1

In the above picture the microphone element is enlarged

Beneath, the original documentation, a Colonial Marine and his equipment

Beyerdynamic HM 560 sheet 2
Beyerdynamic HM 560 sheet 4
beyerdynamic sheet 4

colonial marine from Aliens

colonial marines outfit