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I would like to put the spotlight on a book I wrote about vintage microphones and the twentieth century.

It took over six years to make it and contains more than 400 microphones, all from my own collection. These are presented with a wealth of photo's, anecdotes, posters, flyers and more.

I have done extensive research about their origin, production and use and I dare say that there does not exist a book like this in the world. Never before was this information so easily accessable.

The history of the microphones is linked to important twentieth century persons that spoke into them, and to defining events of the century.

Together they present a look at the history of the past age; it was less than a hundred years that the first radio programs were made, large mass meetings started to take place and propaganda reached the ears of millions. The world would change forever.

An impression of the book can be viewed at the associated website:

It is a luxury edition, 136 pages, sized 300 x 240 mm.

It can be ordered from the website here.

It can also be ordered through , which ships to many countries.

I sincerely hope that many will enjoy the book and share my fascination for vintage microphones.

Marco C. van der Hoeven

WOW front cover

WOW back cover