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Because very old microphones not the only ones that have my interest, this month I want to bring a 'modern classic' to the attention: the Milab LSR 2000.
This handmade Swedish condenser microphone was introduced around 1990, as successor to the LSR 1000, which itself was the successor to the LSR 25. The LSR 25 was the first Milab 'handheld' condenser microphone for live vocals and was released in 1978. At that time, almost all vocal microphones for stage use were still of the dynamic type.

The appearance of these three Milabs was the same, although the LSR 2000 is the only one with two built-in switches (low-cut filter and -10 dB).
Compared to the previously released models, the LSR 2000 can handle louder sound sources and has even less self-noise.

In 2004, another update was released: the LSR 3000, which can handle an even greater sound pressure.

The earlier types are no longer in production but can still be made on request. All come with a lifetime warranty for the first owner.

These microphones are distinguished by their crystal clear yet 'neutral' sound reproduction, where other brands often give more color to the sound.

Incidentally, they are also perfect for use with many other sound sources, on stage and in the studio; drums, acoustic guitar, piano, wind instruments and accordion, to name a few applications.

Some studio producers prefer it to the well known Neumann U 87 and AKG 414.

Although a steep price is being asked for these and other Milabs, they have found their way to musicians who value them.
Rod Stewart used the LSR 2000 during his MTV Unplugged Tour in 1993, Celine Dion still uses it. The LSR 25 was used by, among others, Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan and Stevie Wonder.

Another very good vintage Milab microphone is the dynamic D 37; excellent for vocals, but also for drums and (electric guitar) amplifiers, this model too is still available on request.

In April 2017 I discussed another remarkable Swede; the Pearl KM 6. At that time, Pearl and Milab (Microphone Laboratories) were two independent makers with a common background, which in 1978 had originated from PML. The LSR 25 was the first model developed by Milab.
Both factories had as a company philosophy that all parts had to be produced in the company itself.

In the fall of 2017 Milab bought all shares of Pearl and the companies will now be merged again, although both brands will continue to exist.

Many microphone types feature in my book Witnesses of Words.

More information about that can be found at

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Milab LSR 2000
Milab LSR2000 brochure

Top: the LSR 2000

Middle: Milab LSR 2000 brochure

Under: Technical specifications,

Milab D 37 dynamic microphone &

John Lee Hooker with LCR 2000


Listen to the sound

of the LSR 2000

Milab LSR 2000_2
Milab D 37
John Lee Hooker with Milab