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The Electro-Voice model 726 Cardyne 1 was a dynamic microphone from the early nineteen forties. It was EV's deluxe model and both high or low-Z operation could be selected by a recessed switch at the rear.

It was one of the really 'Big Boys' of its days, with a length of 21 centimeters; one could almost hide behind it. The shape was scientifically researched to obstruct sound waves as little as possible.

The Cardyne had a cardioid (heart-shaped) directional pick up pattern, which was achieved through Electro-Voice's 'Mechanophase' system. This system had phase shifting diaphragms at the back of the capsule that nulled sound that reached both front and back (picture 3), sound from just the front was reproduced correctly, with a high output signal.

The EV 726 CARdioid DYNamic was a competitor against Shure's directive 55 'Fatboy', from 1939, but although it had great looks, it was not nearly as succesfull as Shure's iconic model 55.

Earlier EV had produced the similair looking EV 725 Cardak (not to be mistaken for the later Electro-Voice 950 Cardax, see mic of the month March 2020), which had two elements to create different pick up patterns, like the American D 9 dynamic (mic of the month October 2016).

In 1948 Electro-Voice presented a similair looking yet improved version of the 726: the 731 Cardyne 2, with a wider frequency response, but the company kept the less expensive 726 Cardyne 1 in their sales program as well. The M3 screw on connector of the 726 was replaced by a modern easy lockable XLR 3 on the 731.

These EV microphones are humongous and even larger than Shure's 'Fatboy', although their shape is slimmer. The appearance is impressive and very decorative, it would definitively not be overlooked; these were Electro-Voice's biggest models ever. The 726 Cardyne 1 weighed an impressive 1124 grams.

The 726 and 731 would be superseded by the legendary EV model 666, which had another system to produce a directive pick up pattern: the unique 'variable D principle'.

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EV 726 Cardyne
Electro voice cardyne back

EV Mechanophase

Top: the impressive 726 Cardyne 1

Middle: back and Mechanophase system

Below: technical sheets, sound and 1949 ad

Listen to the sound of the EV 726 Cardyne:

EV 726 tech sheet
EV Cardyne ad 1949
EV 726 tech sheet 2