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The Western Electric 630 dynamic microphone was launched in 1935. The disc was meant to let all frequencies reach the capsule evenly, when used vertical, giving it an omnidirectional pick up pattern, in horizontal position, it was semi directional. With a diameter of only 2.5 inch the microphone was widely used by reporters from all around the World, for over twenty years. It was the first microphone you could really stick in someone's face. The 630's were very reliable and a lot smaller, than the bulky early types.
The BBC used the English version, the STC 4021, nicknamed "Apple and Biscuit". Proven rugged enough for outdoors, a number of these were hidden in flower beds or bushes, for the BBC television program 'Better Homes and Gardens'.

Even though it was a quality mic, it was most often used for talk-back purposes. On the White Stripes album "Elephant"(2003), a song is featured, called "the Apple and Biscuit", named after the mic,which was part of the inventory of the vintage Toe Rag Studio, in London, where they recorded. It was used as ambience microphone for drums.

Most people are familiar with the sound of this mic, because the capsule was also mounted into the Western Electric 639 (and in the British STC 4033), together with a ribbon element. These mikes were used for many film- and tv-productions until 1965.

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