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This month we look at another classic from Electro-Voice: the 666, a microphone intended for broadcast purposes; used on presenters desks for reports and interviews, or on a fish-pole as a remote mic with a wider recording angle than shotgun types. The colour is 'TV gray' , especially for those functions. It was first produced in the middle of the Fifties and is one of the first end-addressed types. In those days most models still supported a side-addressed design, where the capsule was mounted in a side of the microphone. The new 'uni-axial' design was a lot more elegant and less bulky, compared to its predecessors. These days almost all mics are uni-axial.

Electro-Voice used another new technique as well: the 'variable D principle'; two small openings at the back enabled high frequencies to reach the back of the element, but with a 20 dB dampening, making it almost immune to sounds from sides and back. Another hole on top, for mid-tones, completed the system. This design, which is still used by EV, lead to a superior background noise rejection and elimination of the proximity effect, which usually over enhances low tones when the microphone is close to the recording source.

These two novelties made the 666 enormously effictive and immensly popular. In the White House, several American presidents used them for press conferences, and recording studios found many uses for them as well.

Today many vintage mic lovers use them too, for bass-drum and electric guitar mostly, but it is a versatile contender for recording many other instruments as well. Like with many popular models, prices are easily soaring to an amount one would pay for a good modern dynamic, still they sell really well. EV brought out two slightly different types too: the identical looking 665, with lesser specs, and the shiny 664, for P.A. use. These too remain popular, but the 666 is the best. The necessary connector, may present a small set back, because it is not a standard XLR type, but the scarce Cannon UA-3-12, with a flattened top.


Electro-Voice 666

ev 666 ad 1955